Generator (2009)

Generator is a clothing project - but before that, its a computer software, created together with Luis Castilho. The software distorts digital flat patterns and provides the designer with unexpected forms. A process of curiosity, chance and very often failure takes place, and shifts the usual design process in fashion.

At the time, back in 2008, I had no idea this project would lead the way I approach creative pattern making today. Today, I am sure that this experiment was key in developing my particular ways of playing with forms and the tridimensionality of the human (and more often not-so-human) body.

The images show the collection presented at the Rio Moda Hype prize for young designers in 2009 (Fotos: Bira Soares).

This project has been exhibited at:

Casa Ramalhete (Belo Horizonte/Brazil). Generator (solo). June 2009

Festival Art.MOV (Belo Horizonte/Brazil) . Marginalia (group) . November 2009


Works published about this project (click to read):

Generator release

Generator: Erro e Acaso como Ferramentas Criativas. ENPModa 2014.