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Cold wash, drip dry — do not wring

Part of a series of texts and practices looking at clothing care, this text discusses the affects of a particular production in textiles: that of Finnish fashion and textile designers, part of an exhibition on Prints. You can read the text here and get to know more about the exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Textiles here

Brazilian Indigenous Fashion Designers

In September 2023 I have presented the beginning of a research on how indigenous knowledge can affect fashion design practices by looking into the work of 3 brazilian designers. While the full article is not yet out, you can have a look at the presentation here. 

Becoming with Clothes

My doctoral dissertation Becoming with Clothes: Activating wearer worn attachments through design is out! In the research, I look further into how people develop relationships with the things they wear through a practice-led research through design. You can download the dissertation for free here: Becoming with Clothes