TNWMLC (2013)

TNWMLC, a keyboard created by super cool researcher Martin Krzywinski, will give you the worst typing experience. But in the TNWMLC project it plays another role. The layout has inspired a clothing project, in which drawings made by words written in different keyboard layouts are taken as a starting point. The area these words circunscribe become shapes for clothes patterns. Each piece is built, then, from a word or sentence. In this way, each one of them carries its own meaning and is the physical expression of an abstract value or a feeling. The result are geometric shapes, but the expected rigid forms come undone when the first piece is finished.

Awarded 13th Rio Moda Hype Prize . 01/2011

The TNWMLC colelction was exhibited:

Fashion Rio (Rio Fashion Week) . Rio de Janeiro . 01/2011

Grampo Gallery . Belo Horizonte . 09/2011

Casa Ramalhete Gallery . Belo Horizonte . 06/2011


Read more about the project here: TNWMLC