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Slide 1: Dress (v.) projet. Credit: Julia Valle Noronha

Slide 2: Clothes in the Atacama Desert. Credit: Martin Bernetti / Getty Images

People on the streets in São Paulo. Credit: Feliphe Schiarolli / Unsplash

Roots and Earth. Credit: Juuso Joona/Unsplash

Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. Credit: BRIFW 2022 (

Prada Milan Fashion Week 2020. Credit: Prada

Amazon Forest. Credit: Vlad Hilitanu/Unsplash

Slide 9: Chanel with Dog. Credit: Gigot c. 1930

Slides 14/15: The Agency of Clothes. Credit: Julia Valle

Slide 18: Generator. Credit: Julia Valle/Ricardo Portilho

Slide 19: mIRC Screen. Credit: Julia Valle. Printing Fashion Rio 2009. Credit: Marcio Madeira

Slide 20-23: Generator Software. Credit: Julia Valle

Slide 24: Generator Fashion Rio Moda Hype. Credit: Alexander Azarov / Ag. Fotosite

Slides 26-31. Dress(v.). Credit: Julia Valle

Slide 27-28. Dress(v.). Credit: Studio Tertúlia

Slides 34-35. Dress(v.) Credit Julia Valle