Wear\Wear (2016)

Wear\Wear is a project in which research and practice intrinsically meet. Starting with an auto-ethnography on my wearing routines, drawing from an user experience method for harvesting qualitative data on personal experiences with clothes, the project unfolds into a series of garments based on personal attachment to clothing objects. Reflecting on the temporal nature of our engagements with designed things, it suggests time as a space for designing more active relationships between wearer and worn. But maybe this is all too much research blah-bing. 

I invite you to discover the clothes, but above all, to discover the processes and backgrounds of each piece. Here, the clothes respond to time and environment by self-alterations in answer to, for example, water and sun. 

If you happen to be interested in acquiring a piece, there might be something available for you at the shop. : ) 

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