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Journal Articles

Valle-Noronha, J. & Wilde, D. (2018) The intervened wardrobe: Making visible the agency of clothes. dObra[s] – the Journal of the Brazilian Association in Fashion Research, v. 11 n. 23: 197-217

Valle-Noronha, J., Niinimäki, K. & Kujala, S., (2018). Learning to wear : On developing understanding and attachment to clothes. Clothing Cultures v. 5 n.1. (In Press)

Valle-Noronha, J. (2018) A partilha da moda através de um olhar centrado no uso. Revista de Design, tecnologia e sociedade, v. 5. n. 1 (In Press). 

Book Chapters

Valle-Noronha, J., Niinimäki, K., Kujala, S. (2017) UX Curve In Opening up the Wardrobe: A Methods Book. Fletcher, K. Klepp, I. (eds.). Oslo: Novus. 

Valle-Noronha, J., Niinimäki, K. (2017) Fashion Design Probes In Opening up the Wardrobe: A Methods Book. Fletcher, K. Klepp, I. (eds.). Oslo: Novus. 

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Chun, N. & Valle-Noronha, J. (2017) Em direção à prática além do desin de moda: um estudo sobre a pesquisa de moda na educação Brasileira. In Educação de Moda para o Futuro. Dantas Mendes, F. (ed.). São Paulo: EACH / USP, p. 17-22

Valle-Noronha, J., PASSI, J. (2016) Hiperorganismos em Vibração Ressonante in NÓBREGA, C., FRAGOSO, M. (eds.) Hiperorgânicos: Concha/Ressonâncias. Rio de Janeiro: Rio Books.

Valle-Noronha, J. (2014) A Garden of Void/A museum of Space. In NORONHA, M. (ed.) arte (contemporanea,?) #0: museum or garden. Torino.

Conference Proceedings

Valle-Noronha, J. and Assis, J. (2018) Disrupting Expectations: The case of an experimental pattern-cutting workshop. Annals of the 14º Colóquio de Moda. Curitiba: PUC-PR, September 2-5, 2018. 

Valle-Noronha, J. and Chun, N. (2018) Practice-based research in fashion: a literature review. Annals of the 14º Colóquio de Moda. Curitiba: PUC-PR, September 2-5, 2018.

Valle-Noronha, J. and Aakko, M. (2018) Affective Patterns: Exploring the agentic openings of flat patterns. Fashion Colloquium. Searching for the New Luxury. Arnhem ArtEZ, May 30-31. (abstract)

Valle-Noronha, J. (2017) Time as a design space: Designing surprise in clothing experience and maintenance. In Annals of the 13º Colóquio de Moda. Bauru: UNESP. 

Valle-Noronha, J. (2017) On the agency of clothes: Surprise as a tool towards stronger engagements. Research Through Design 2017. Edinburgh. 21-24 March 2017. p. 519-534

Valle-Noronha, J. (2017) The body within the clothes: A case study on embodiment in clothing design. Art of Research Conference 2017, Helsinki.

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