Here you will find old and new projects within clothing, jewellery and arts. Discover more about each project through the images below. Some pieces are available for acquisition. Check our shop!


A verb with two meanings, wear is to experience garments on the body as well as the expression of time. This project explores these two spaces for designing embedded surprises.


When I was 6 years old, my friend Vivian had a t-shirt that changed colour when she was playing outside under the sun. Could we experience that excitement also as adults?

Dress (v.)

Dress, as a verb, is a practice-based research project where visual notation on dress movements inform the forms for pattern cutting.

For What it's Worth

How can we highlight human labour on a garment? This series explores the lines sewn by seamstresses and takes them as lines for drawings.


While reading a book on japanese designers I came across the concept of MA. It struck me, that the space between the wearer and the clothes could be a dynamic one.


An exhibition space with curtains. Invited by curator Marina Noronha, I built curtains for the Hessel Museum in NY.


Necklaces made of construction stone brittles, perforated and 14k gold plated. They come in a wooden box.


One month, one week and one day. Eleven trips between Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. To a life muse, a clothing collection as an ode. An in memorium project to my grandmother.


TNWMLC is not your keyboard layout. Created by super cool researcher Martin Krzywinski, TNWMLC served as inspiration for a clothing project.

TNWMLC Jewellery

An old 1956 Smith Corona was transformed into necklaces with antique jewellery parts. Each piece is unique.


Computer generated 'distorted' patters are the starting point for this clothing project. Based on a software developed together with programmer Luis Castilho.


Project developed with the great Maja Mehle in Slovenia. Continuum is a dress that does not have one final form.